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— Instead of spending a fortune on a grill, Consumer Reports conducted a test of eight different Kamado Grills to determine which gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

The Kamado Joe Classic II was received the best, according to the magazine, because of its spring-assisted lid and split racks that allow grillers to cook at different heights. However, it costs over $1,000.

Consumer Reports suggests two grills that grillers should consider purchasing with similar performances to the Kamado Joe Classic II for less than half the price.

Testers raved about the cooking ability of the Kamado Professional and, for $700, the grill gives users the ability to fine-tune temperatures with two dampers allowing for a hotter fire.

The Kamander, the first Kamado grill on the market, is a $400 grill that scored high on the test’s convenience and cleaning scales and has an upper and lower damper allowing the grill to get up to 1000 degrees.

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The magazine said consumers should always test the grill they want to buy and make sure it’s built to last before a purchase is made.


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